Is the type 9 worth it Elite Dangerous?

Is the type-9 worth it?

The Type-9 is ok for solo or private group and worth the money, but its too slow to play in open on dangerous trade routes – Community goals for example. After the buff the Type-9 can carry more cargo than the Imperial Cutter and has no rank requirements.

How much cargo can a Type 7 carry?

Just the basic configuration can carry 96 tons of cargo – with a couple of upgrades and tweaks, you can easily hit around 200 tons of cargo space while maintaining your (nominal C4) shields.

How much cargo can an anaconda hold?

Summary. The Anaconda is the second largest ship available in the Beta 2 stage. It has a maximum cargo capacity of 228 tons, and is able to mount formidable armament on 8 separate hardpoints.

Where can I buy a Type 7 transporter?

Where to buy the Type 7

Location Type Distance ↧
Sirius » Patterson Enterprise Station 8.59ly
WISE 15067027 » Dobrovolskiy Enterprise Station 10.52ly
Epsilon Indi » Edmonds Rock » Flade Enterprise Surface-station 11.8ly
Luytens Star » Ashby City Station 12.39ly

Where can I buy heavy type 9 Elite Dangerous?

Where to buy the Type 9 Heavy

Location Type Distance ↧
Ross 128 » Warren Prison Mine Station 10.94ly
61 Cygni » Broglie Terminal Station 11.37ly
Luytens Star » Ashby City Station 12.39ly
Lacaille 8760 » 2 » Reilly Beacon Surface-station 12.88ly
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How do you increase cargo capacity in Elite Dangerous?

How do I carry more cargo?

  1. Buy a new ship in shipyard at a station.
  2. Buy cargo holds in outfitting at a station.
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