Question: Can you customize armor in Mass Effect?

You can change both Ryder’s casual outfit and armor colors at the wardrobe in the Pathfinder’s quarters on the Tempest. The wardrobe is a panel on the wall to the left when you walk in. (There are two tabs — the first tab is for casual wear and the second tab is for armor.)

Can you change your outfit in Mass Effect?

To change your clothes, simply head inside your Tempest ship before entering your Quarters. This is located just outside of the flight room, reached by going down a ladder under the “invisible platform”. Inside is a terminal that you can interact with to access clothing options.

How do you change armor Mass Effect 2?

Go to your personal terminal and check squad status, then press Y when hovering over their portrait to swap armor.

Who can wear heavy armor Mass Effect?

Heavy armor: Heavy armor is only available to Soldier class characters, and only once they have raised their Combat Armor talent above seven points.

Can you change your casual clothes in Mass Effect 1?

Yes. Go to the menu and select “equipment”. There you can change your armour and weapons. You can’t change your casual outfit though.

How do you modify weapons in Mass Effect 1?

There is a bit of a difference in Mass Effect 2 and 3 compared to 1. You have to press L1/LB to bring up the weapon wheel which is same as the first game. But to quickly switch weapons while you have a weapon in your hand, you have to press and hold Square/X on PlayStation/Xbox.

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Can infiltrators wear heavy armor?

As an Infiltrator, you can only wear Light or Medium armor. Soldier is the only class that can wear Heavy armor. You can’t train in armor or weapon types, but certain classes can upgrade the type of armor they can wear by putting points in certain skills.

Can wrex wear heavy Armour?

Wrex can wear heavy armor, can unlock barrier and immunity, has high HP and health regen, and he gets training in shotguns/assault rifles + throw/warp. He really has no weakness other than not having access to tech skills.

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