Question: Is Homeworld a good game?

Homeworld is simply incredible and everyone should play it. A worthy upgrade to one of the best strategy games ever, featuring the best space battles in the business.

Why is Homeworld so good?

One of the recent remaster success stories, Homeworld was already a very well made RTS set in space. … The pacing is slower than most RTSs, especially if you’re used to games like Starcraft. Even building the smallest fighter crafts can take some time, and moving a fleet across the map takes a while too.

Is Homeworld a hard game?

Nope. Not necessary in HW2. Sure, it might make an easy game even easier, but it ruins any surprise or drama in a level, and make you feel dirty, to boot. Normally, most people wouldn’t care, but since the Homeworld games are the most cinematic RTS games made…

Is Homeworld fun?

Homeworld and Homeworld 2 still feature fun and challenging strategy gameplay that anyone can enjoy if they put enough time into it. … This is very much a classic RTS game, featuring intricate gameplay and tough competition. There are some handy tutorials, but the game doesn’t hold much back.

Should I play Homeworld Classic or remastered?

You actually have to play the game. If you want a great experience with updated graphics, then play the remastered versions. If you want a perfectly original experience and are willing to put up with the graphics, they do the classic missions.

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What does Homeworld mean?

homeworld n

the planet on which a species originated or that an individual is from. Compare home planet, motherworld.

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