Question: What does retrograde mean in KSP?

Retrograde. The chartreuse yellow prograde marker indicates the orientation of the velocity vector of the craft relative to the point of reference; it indicates in which direction the vessel is moving at that moment. This may not be the direction the craft is facing (which is indicated by the level indicator).

What does the purple triangle mean in KSP?

The purple triangels are Anti-Normal and Normal. These correspond to the symbols you see on maneuver nodes.

How can I increase my Apoapsis?

Raise your apoapsis by burning prograde at your periapsis instead. Lower your periapsis by burning retrograde at your apoapsis. Raise your periapsis by burning prograde at your apoapsis.

How do I transfer Hohmann KSP?

To transfer from a lower orbit to higher:

  1. Burn prograde at periapsis until the apoapsis reaches the desired altitude.
  2. Upon reaching the raised apoapsis, burn prograde until periapsis rises to the desired altitude.

How do you target in Kerbal space program?

If you mean a target as in highlight another ship and show the direction on the navball, click on it in map mode and click on “Select Target”.

What is the difference between apoapsis and periapsis?

The periapsis is how it is called the point in the orbit where the distance between the bodies is minimal. And the apoapsis is the point in the orbit where the distance between the bodies is maximum.

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How do you increase orbital altitude?

If we want to move a spacecraft to a higher orbit, we have to increase the semimajor axis (adding energy to the orbit) by increasing velocity. On the other hand, to move the spacecraft to a lower orbit, we decrease the semimajor axis (and the energy) by decreasing the velocity.

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