Quick Answer: What is Max Q in KSP?

The max q condition is the point when an aerospace vehicle’s atmospheric flight reaches maximum dynamic pressure. … This is a significant factor in the design of such vehicles because the aerodynamic structural load on them is proportional to dynamic pressure.

What does Max Q feel like?

At around 45 seconds the engines throttled down to reduce the stresses on the shuttle’s structure while experiencing “maximum dynamic pressure,” called “Max Q.” When through that milestone, the engines throttled back up to full thrust, with the spine-tingling scream of the slipstream outside the cabin clearly audible.

What height is Max Q?

Rocket launch examples

During a typical Apollo mission, the max q (also just over 0.3 atmospheres) occurred between 13 and 14 kilometres (43,000–46,000 ft) of altitude; approximately the same values occur for the SpaceX Falcon 9.

How is Max Q determined?

Max Q is calculated by q=1/2 ρv2 and is reached when the combination of the velocity of the craft and the density of the air around the craft results in the highest level of pressure imposed on the craft.

What is ISP KSP?

From Kerbal Space Program Wiki. The specific impulse (usually written as Isp, or in-game as ISP) defines the efficiency of an engine. It is thrust per the rate of fuel consumption. Or equivalently, it is change in momentum per amount of fuel consumed.

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How do you get Delta V in KSP?

There are four basic techniques to increase the delta-V of a spacecraft:

  1. Use more efficient engines (ones with higher Isp).
  2. Increase fuel mass by adding more tanks, though this has diminishing returns.
  3. Reduce dry mass (anything that is not fuel, reducing upper stage mass is most important).

What is the most recent version of KSP?

Kerbal Space Program 1.12: “On Final Approach” is now available! Let’s celebrate 10 years of KSP with our most ambitious free update ever!

Is KSP still being developed?

A sequel, Kerbal Space Program 2, has been announced for a 2022 release.

Kerbal Space Program
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Designer(s) Felipe Falanghe, Paul Boyle

How do I change KSP version?

Go to: Buy>Sign In>My Account>Download>Pick the version you want.

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