Quick Answer: What planets can you go to in Kerbal space program?

There are seven planets in Kerbal Space Program, they are Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Dres, Jool, and Eloo. Moho is the innermost planet of the Kerbol star system.

Can you go to other planets in Kerbal Space Program?

You have now got an encounter with your target planet! Congratulations! With enough fuel, you can now travel around the different planets in the Kerbol system and do more advanced missions.

What is the hardest planet to land on KSP?

Moho is the hardest to reach the surface intact. dV to reach a Moho intercept is similar to reaching Eeloo, but its orbital inclination, eccentricity, smaller SOI, and higher surface gravity make encounters and landing more difficult than Eeloo.

How do you land on planets in Kerbal space program?

There are two basic ways to approach landing on a planet. In KSP, as with actual space, everything is in motion. The planets and asteroids and moons are no different. You therefore either need to chase the planet down, or get in front of it and let it run into you.

How do you land on planets in KSP?

Get into a stable orbit first, then retrograde completely horizontal until your orbital velocity is zero. Once you start falling down, you will drop almost straight down then it only takes slight adjustments to correct and leaves your craft upright the whole way down.

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How many bodies are in KSP?

The Kerbol System is the planetary system in which Kerbal Space Program takes place. It has Kerbol as the central body which is orbited by 5 planets and 2 dwarf planets. Only Kerbin and Laythe have an oxygen atmosphere and only Kerbin hosts life.

Relation to the Solar System.

Kerbol system Solar system
Eeloo Pluto

What is the hardest planet to get to?

Why Mars is the hardest planet to land on in our solar system

  • NASA’s InSight probe is scheduled to touch down on Mars today, but it’s easier said than done – only 40% of Mars landings have been successful.
  • Mars’ atmosphere is 100 times thinner than Earth’s making it extremely difficult to land on Mars.

What is the easiest planet to get to?

On Venus, your equipment will likely melt or disintegrate before reaching the surface. So, to sum it up, Mars is the easiest planet that mankind will likely be able to fly on over to and walk upon. The Moon isn’t technically a planet, but it is the easiest and closest massive celestial body to the Earth.

How do you land on Duna?

If you want to do a land-and-return vehicle, one handy way to practice is to do something like this:

  1. save your game.
  2. launch just the “lander / ascent” part of your duna ship to the launchpad.
  3. use the “Set Orbit” function on the debug cheat menu to put it directly into orbit of Duna.

Do parachutes work on Duna?

I would be using multiple parachutes, to slow down a Duna lander. The inflatable heat shield slowed my 3t vessel to under 100m/s, and it then used the basic blue parachute and two radials to land, and even this was excessive. While Duna air is thinner, the gravity is also lower.

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