Should I cure Genophage me2?

There’s no right or wrong answer as to whether the Genophage should be cured. However, Wrex (or Wreav) is convinced that curing it is required to complete the treaty between the krogan and the turians, and Shepard learns early on that the Shroud was sabotaged to prevent any dispersal of the cure.

Is it worth sabotaging the Genophage cure?

If you cured the genophage, you will receive no salarian assets at this time, leaving the STG force you gained from Sur’Kesh as their race’s only representatives at this time. Sabotaging the cure grants you their First Fleet and Mordin Solus (if he was spared).

Should I cure the Genophage war assets?

Curing the Genophage will reward you with The Urdnot Leader, Krogan Clans, and Clan Urdnot as well as some Krogan Mercenaries, if Wrex is the Leader as War Assets. If Wreav ends up as leader, and/or Eve died during the Mission, their strength will be diminished, resulting in fewer War Assets.

Should I destroy the Genophage data?

If Maelon’s data was saved, Mordin uses the data to stabilize Eve, resulting her survival at Priority: Tuchanka. If it was destroyed, then Eve will die during the mission. … Otherwise, Mordin will sacrifice himself during dispersal of the cure for the genophage, or will be killed by Shepard.

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What happens if Garrus dies in ME2?

What Happens if Garrus Dies in Mass Effect 2? The very obvious and short answer is that if Garrus dies in Mass Effect 2, he’s just not in Mass Effect 3. If other significant crew members are lost throughout the trilogy, they’re sometimes replaced by stand-in characters of their same race.

What happens if you don’t reveal shroud sabotage?

If you DID NOT reveal the Shroud sabotage AND Wrex and Eve are BOTH dead, you’ll be offered a Charm and Intimidate option to convince your STG Doctor to walk away.

Can you sabotage the Genophage and save Wrex?

No. The only way to save Mordin is to destroy the genophage data in ME2 with Wreav in charge of the Krogan. You can’t save both Mordin and Wrex. If Wrex is leading the Krogan, there is no way to peacefully convince Mordin to allow the sabotaged genophage cure to disperse.

Should I keep the Genophage research?

If you decide to keep the data, Eve will survive during Priority Tuchanka in Mass Effect 3, but this will make it impossible to cure the genophage without killing the Doctor present. Also, Mordin will sacrifice himself during the dispersal of the Genophage cure, or you (Shepard) will kill him.

Do I reveal shroud sabotage?

Not revealing the sabotage will let you keep Mordin from dying, but Wrex will attack you. Curing the Genophage will result in a heroic death for Mordin. … When you are in the final talk with Mordin you can try and delay him (wont work) or you can tell him of the sabotage.

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How do you get Mordin’s loyalty?

Talk to Mordin

This Loyalty Mission is unlocked after you’ve unlocked Jack’s Loyalty Mission after completing Horizon. You’ll know it’s available because Kelly will suggest speaking with him as you pass by the Galaxy Map on the CIC. Once she does, head into the Tech Lab nearby and talk to Mordin.

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