What are the coordinates of the moon in space engineers?

If you want the coordinates for the CENTER OF GRAVITY OF THE MOON, IT IS: GPS:Centre of the Moon:16384.42:136384.31:-113614.94: (Just copy this text and go into game and click new from clipboard.)

How far away is the moon from Earth in Space Engineers?


Name Distance Diameter
Moon 186.04 19.00
Marslike 1,800.08 120.00
Europa 1,886.17 19.00
Triton 2,505.86 80.25

Can uranium be found on the moon in Space Engineers?

Uranium exists on the moon, according to new data from aJapanese spacecraft.

What resources are on the moon space engineers?


  • Ice 9%
  • Nickel Ore 25%
  • Platinum Ore 5%
  • Silicon Ore 5%
  • Silver Ore 5%
  • Uranium Ore 0%

How do you share a GPS in space engineers?

There are several ways to do it.

  1. Press K -> GPS -> Select the waypoint you want to copy -> Click ‘Copy to Clipboard’. Then paste it to your friend in Discord or whatever. …
  2. Copy to clipboard, then paste the GPS in game chat. …
  3. Copy your GPS co-ords and paste them into the text of an LCD panel.
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How long is a day in space engineers?

Day/Night cycle. So in the “middle” of the Terran planet on a 2 hour cycle it feels like days are maybe 30 minutes long and nights are 1:30.

Is there magnesium on the moon space engineers?

Magnesium Ore, which can be processed in a Refinery to produce Magnesium Powder. It can be found on asteroids, planets and moons.

Can you buy Uranium in space engineers?

Buying Uranium ? . and very very rare … but you can buy it from friendly stations if you find them.

Is there Uranium in space?

In space Uranium is formed naturally occurring in supernovas. … In fact estimate place the Earth’s supply of Uranium at 30 times that of Silver. This is because Uranium can be found in topsoil anywhere on the planet as well as in the mantle.

How many planets are in star space engineers?

star system start only has one planet :: Space Engineers General Discussions.

Is there platinum on Mars in space engineers?

Platinum can only be found on asteroids in space. Unles you use the “Scarce Resources” mod, in that case mars is the only place you can find it.

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