What difficulty should I play Mass Effect on?

Those just wanting to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition just for its story should probably go with the Casual option, which tones back the strength of the enemies you face. Normal is perhaps the best difficulty for most though, offering a nice balance between challenge and story.

Is Mass Effect easy?

On a whole, Mass Effect feels a little bit easier, but that’s really just due to some of its more unforgiving moments not having such tough circumstances leading into them anymore. … It feels a little redundant to say that yes, this is still Mass Effect, in a lot of the ways you might expect it.

Is Mass Effect hard on insanity?

Even die-hard Mass Effect fans might struggle on Insane Difficulty. … Playing every Mass Effect game is probably at least a hundred-hour task – no small feat. However, the most die-hard fans have decided to go a step further and take on the trilogy on its hardest mode: Insanity.

Does difficulty affect XP Mass Effect?

I’m pretty sure you don’t get more XP for harder difficulties. You do get more if you exit the Mako and kill things on foot though. True, but also very much NOT worth the extra time and hassle (and probably quick loads) it takes to do that with everything.

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Is Mass Effect 2 harder?

ME2 is undoubtedly the most difficult game in the series. Horizon, Archangel recruitment, Suicide Mission final battle, & the Collector Ship mission are like the 4 hardest missions in the series… ME1 is pretty easy if you have the right team & basically spam biotics to crowd control.

Does Mass Effect have level scaling?

Mass Effect’s Legendary Mode Lowers the Level Cap From 60 to 30. The heart of the differences between Legendary Mode level scaling and Classic Mode level scaling is each mode’s level cap. Mass Effect’s Classic Mode sets the level cap at 60 while Legendary Mode reduces that level cap to 30.

How do you get the insanity Achievement in Mass Effect?

You need to complete the game on Insanity difficulty setting, this may seem fairly straightforward if you have played through the first game but be prepared. This time around you will be tested.


  1. Level up your character. …
  2. Make good use of cover and all abilities, if you run around in the open you won’t last long.

Do you get more XP on insanity?

No you don’t. Xp gained is based on party level not difficulty setting. However, iirc insanity difficulty provides extra enemies in certain places thus increasing the possible overall experience you can gain in a single play through.

What is the level cap in Mass Effect 1?

As well, in the original Mass Effect 1, the Level Cap was 50 until you completed the story once, after which the Level Cap was raised to 60 for all saves. In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the Level Cap is 60 right off the bat.

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What is the max level in Mass Effect 2?

The max level in Mass Effect 2 is 30, which is true for both the standard game and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition package. You start the game with two Squad Points and gain two points for every level until you get to 20.

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