Where are the promotion missions in elite dangerous?

For players to be promoted through the Empire’s ranks, they must complete missions or other favourable activities with minor factions aligned with Empire. Progress toward the next rank is tracked in the right HUD panel, in the Reputation section of the Status tab.

Where do you get promotion missions in elite dangerous?

So you need to be at a station or settlement where you are considered at least Cordial with the local (FED or IMP) aligned LOCAL factions. If you are not, then run doody missions for the local factions until you are and then your rank-up missions should begin to appear.

Where are the rank missions in elite dangerous?

Rank-Up missions will appear exclusively in the Follow On Missions section. Your current reputation with the superpower (Empire/Federation) that you wish to Rank with must be positive. These missions are only available at starports and outposts that are controlled by factions aligned with the relevant superpower.

Where do I get Empire rank-up missions?

How does increasing your rank for the Imperial Navy work? You gain ranks for the Imperial Navy by completing special promotion missions that are randomly offered to you on the mission board by any faction that is aligned with the Empire, after you have reached a certain level of reputation with the Empire.

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How often do missions refresh elite dangerous?

Broadly speaking, new missions are added at 15 minute intervals. Missions for a station are split between a rolling collection of 4 banks of missions. Every 15 minutes a bank expires and a new bank is generated to take its place. So no, not just the missions you take, and not all of them either.

Can you land on Earth in elite dangerous?

Nope. You can only land on worlds without atmosphere and volcanic activity for the moment. when it comes, can expect it to be a pretty incredible experience imo.

What is the fastest way to level up in Federation Elite Dangerous?


  1. Get a small or medium ship with minimum 13.7 Ly jump range.
  2. Go to Perry’s Folly in Ochosi.
  3. Pick up data delivery missions from Federation factions only to Chargaff Installation or Williams Dock in Chakpa.
  4. Fly to Chargaff Installation drop off mission. …
  5. Fly to Williams Dock drop off mission.

What is the federal dropship good for?

The Dropship is a very good combat vessel. … As a trader, the Dropship has 164T of space to haul cargo. This is very good for a medium ship; and is the fifth best of all non-large ships.

What are the ranks in the Empire?

Officer ranks

Navy Rank Army Rank
Captain of the Line High Colonel
Captain Colonel
Commander Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Commander Major

How do you grind Federation rank 2020?

PSA: Grind – How to get Federation & Empire rank in 1-2 days -…

  1. Grab all the Data delivery missions and deliver them only to Ngalinn and just keep going between those systems.
  2. If you get rank up mission just take Data delivery mission to Mainani or Ngalinn.
  3. Watch this how to video from Captain Archer.
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What is the best combat ship in elite dangerous?

5 of the Best Combat Ships in Elite Dangerous: Horizons

  • Viper Mk III (Budget Pick) …
  • Federal Corvette (Best for PVE combat) …
  • Anaconda (Best all-rounder) …
  • Fer-de-Lance (PVP Pick) …
  • Alliance Chieftain (Best for Thargoid encounters) …
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