Where can I find landmines in elite dangerous?

Station System
McGuire Military Fortification VESPER-M4 80 days
Bukenya Military Fort LFT 300 84 days
Pestille’s Dock BD-10 5238 80 days
Iglesias Fort BD-10 5238 81 days

Are landmines illegal elite dangerous?

Landmines can be bought in planetary starports with military economy type only. Like other commodities, land mines are prohibited in some systems, but not others.

Where are unexploded landmines?

Most countries of Southeast Asia – and all countries of Indochina specifically – are contaminated with unexploded ordnance. Most of the UXOs of today are remnants from the Vietnam War which, apart from Vietnam, also included neighbouring Cambodia and Laos, but other conflicts and civil wars have also contributed.

Where can I sell landmines in elite dangerous?

Where to sell Landmines for best price Filter carriersFilter surfaceFilter Odyssey

Location Pad Sell price
Kronecker Reach | Bayan ︎ L 5,162 Cr
Morris Plant | Pegasi Sector GW-W d1-115 ︎ L 5,162 Cr
Brule Depot | HIP 112368 ︎ L 5,162 Cr
Mitropoulos Prospect | Gliese 1272 ︎ L 5,154 Cr

Can you defuse a landmine?

Detection and removal of landmines is a dangerous activity, and personal protective equipment does not protect against all types of landmine. Once found, mines are generally defused or blown up with more explosives, but it is possible to destroy them with certain chemicals or extreme heat without making them explode.

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Can you jump off a landmine?

No, you won’t be able to outrun an explosion as shrapnel flies everywhere, even if you are a really fast runner. Also, if you step directly on a landmine, you will instantly be killed or severely wounded.

Is Elite dangerous free?

Experience unpredictable encounters with players from around the world in Elite Dangerous’ vast, massively multiplayer space. … You will need to register a free Elite Dangerous account with Frontier to play the game.

How much does it commonly cost to remove a landmine?

It is estimated that there are 110 million land mines in the ground right now. An equal amount is in stockpiles waiting to be planted or destroyed. Mines cost between $3 and $30, but the cost of removing them is $300 to $1000.

Where is eurybia blue?

Eurybia is an independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It hosts the workshop of the Engineer Liz Ryder.

Where can I buy landmines for Liz Ryder?

If you are at Liz’ station, just select engineers on the right side an then donate your load of landmines. When you’ve finished that you’ll get access to her.

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