Where is Cerberus base Mass Effect?

He has information that the ambush which killed his marines was orchestrated by a group known as Cerberus. Kahoku has located three of their research facilities, on the planet Binthu in the Yangtze system of the Voyager Cluster.

Is Priority Cerberus headquarters the last mission?

Mar 19, 2012 · Mass Effect 3 Cerberus Headquarters is the first mission of the third and final ME 3 act. Priority: Cerberus Headquarters is a mission that must be completed in order to access Priority: Earth. It follows the events of the previous missions, and brings Shepard and his crew to Cronos Station.

What happens if you give Cerberus files to shadow broker?

According to the Shadow Broker’s agent, Kohaku had been hired by them to obtain these files from Cerberus but died in the process. Now, the Shadow Broker wants to trade the info in return for some credits. If Shepard complies, they’ll receive Renegade points as well. Refuse, and Shepard will get Paragon points instead.

Can Anderson survive ME3?

He will not live. Galaxy Readiness has nothing to do with Shepard or Anderson lives. It just help boost up the amount of military strength you have for the Final Battle.

How do I start Cerberus Fighter?

Travel to Cronos Station

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Dock with Cronos Station to start the mission: it’ll be the only place you can visit in this system. When you dock with it, you’ll be taken to the Vid Comm with Admiral Hackett to confirm you want to begin: he’ll make it absolutely clear that this will kickstart the final assault.

Is there DLC for Mass Effect 1?

When to Play the DLC in Mass Effect 1

The only DLC that players need to worry about in the first Mass Effect is the Bring Down the Sky mission, since Mass Effect: Legendary Edition does not include the Pinnacle Station DLC.

Why do the Quarians hate Cerberus?

When you first meet Tali in ME2, you can ask her why the quarians hate Cerberus so much. The reply is that Cerberus people went into the migrant fleet and started shooting, but Miranda says that the Quarians betrayed them.

Why did Cerberus side with the Reapers?

To be fair, it’s obvious that he’s indoctrinated. On top of that, it seems like you have different sides to Cerberus. One side wanted to help humans because they felt that the Alliance didn’t do enough, one side was clearly racist, and the other was totally indoctrinated by the Reapers.

Is Cora an Asari?

Note: Rank 6 of each Skill is unavailable to Cora until her loyalty mission Cora Harper: At Duty’s Edge is completed.


Powers Charge
Shield Boost
Passives Asari Commando
Defensive Training
Playing into space