Where is the nexus in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Location Details
Galaxy Andromeda
Cluster Heleus Cluster
Star System Zheng He
Length 15.47km (upon completion)

How do I go back to Nexus?

You can use a item called Splinter of Keystone to return you to the Nexus anytime. There is 2 of them in 1-1 at the end of the cliff edge near the dragon nest. They can be brought from one NPC in the nexus later on in the game fo 5000 souls each.

Is the Nexus an ark?

Nexus – The flagship ark and base of operations for the Andromeda Initiative.

What is the nexus Andromeda?

The Nexus is the flagship of the Andromeda Initiative fleet, and a massive command center for the Initiative. … The Nexus is an activity hub in Mass Effect: Andromeda, where players can obtain missions, buy / sell items or interact with NPCs.

Will there be a mass effect 5?

Mass Effect 5 — what to play while you wait

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remastered version of the original Mass Effect trilogy, along with all the DLC and other content bundled in. And it’ll be released in Spring 2021.

Is the turian Ark destroyed?

Well the Ark is lost in the sense that it’s a useless hulk drifting in space. But no, it wasn’t destroyed outright.

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Where is patches in Demon’s Souls?

Patches the Hyena is a sidequest NPC and merchant who appears in various places throughout Demon’s Souls. He will sell you items in The Nexus, but only if you meet him in the following locations beforehand: Stonefang Tunnel 2-2, in the lava room with the Bearbugs.

Is Rensus guilty?

Initiative personnel Nilken Rensus has been convicted of murder, but it may be a mistake.

Did Nilken do?

Even though Nilken did not kill Reynolds, he intended to. If you choose to exile Nilken, you’ll see Kandros approving reaction. Nilken will be found living in the outlaw planet Kadare later on. Or, even though Nilken did intend to kill Reynolds, he ultimately did not commit the crime.

How do you scan in Mass Effect Andromeda?

To use the scanner, hit the down button on your d-pad. This will bring up your tool, and begin searching the environment in front of you. If you spot a glowing object, hover over it and hit X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to scan that specific object. To put away your scanner once you’re done, hit the down button again.

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