You asked: How do I change armor in ME2?

In Mass Effect 2, Commander Shepard’s armor can be customized by swapping out pieces of the default N7 Armor for pieces purchased from merchants, or made available as downloadable content, by using the Armor Locker aboard the Normandy SR-2.

How do you change Armour in Mass Effect 2?

Go to your personal terminal and check squad status, then press Y when hovering over their portrait to swap armor.

Where is the armor locker in Mass Effect 2?

The weapons locker can be found in the armory aboard the Normandy and at key locations on missions.

Can you change Shepard’s appearance in Mass Effect 2?

There is no way to change your look once you step in game. All decisions made during character creation are permanent. There was an unofficial save editor for Mass Effect 2 that allowed you to change your face, so if you wait a while (or search hard enough) you should be able to find something similar.

How do you modify weapons in Mass Effect 1?

There is a bit of a difference in Mass Effect 2 and 3 compared to 1. You have to press L1/LB to bring up the weapon wheel which is same as the first game. But to quickly switch weapons while you have a weapon in your hand, you have to press and hold Square/X on PlayStation/Xbox.

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Which class is best in Mass Effect 2?

How to choose the best class for you in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

  • If you enjoy playing Tank characters, consider playing as the Soldier. …
  • If you tend to have the most fun as a Mage, check out the Adept class. …
  • If you enjoy playing healer and support roles, Engineer might be the class for you.

Why can’t I change armor Mass Effect?

If it’s blacked out, your character doesn’t fit the specifications to effectively wear the armor. You can try and put it on to one of your teammates, but your Shepard won’t be able to wear it. Unless you just need to increase your skill in something, then it will become available.

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