You asked: How do I delete items in Kerbal space program PC?

The Cursor preset uses Circle/B button to delete parts. It’s basicaly the FT’s version control preset with a few changes. Drag it to the left side (where the part selection is) and release it, same as PC.

How do you delete parts in KSP?

1. Navigate to the information page of the part to be deleted. 2. Select Delete from the Actions menu.

How do I clear debris in KSP?

To remove debris it can be recovered or terminated via the Tracking Station. The Recover option is only available for debris or craft landed on Kerbin. Otherwise the Terminate option will remove the debris from the game, though this kills any crew aboard, adding them to the “Lost” list in the Astronaut Complex.

How do I delete mods in Kerbal space program?

Is there a way to remove all mods without deleting the game? Go into /Kerbal Space Program/GameData and delete all folders except Squad and NASAmission.

How do you delete parts in Kerbal space program XBOX one?

Using the Cursor preset, you delete parts with Circle/B.

How do I restore Kerbals from orbit?

The most important thing to know is that you have to get your ship within ~2.5km in order for the stranded Kerbal to load. Once that’s happened, you can switch over to him using [ or ] . After that, it’s a simple matter of guiding the Kerbal to your rescue ship and returning to the surface successfully.

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What is Ckan KSP?

The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network (CKAN)

The CKAN is a metadata repository and associated tools to allow you to find, install, and manage mods for Kerbal Space Program.

How do I install Kerbal space program mods?

Add the mod to the game.

This will take you to the main Kerbal folder on your computer. Locate the GameData folder. Unpack your mod folder (which should be in your computer’s Downloads) into the GameData folder. Open the game to ensure your mods were installed correctly, and start playing!

Why is kerbin so small?

Kerbin was made before there timewarp was implemented, its smaller size allows 30 minute orbits compared to the 90 minute ones for an Earth-like planet. Most everything else was scaled from there.

Is Kerbal space program a good game?

Great Game, With a Learning Curve

Better yet, there are many, many add-ons to the game that add new functionality, including new planets, parts, more or less difficulty, or even an autopilot. The only bad thing about Kerbal Space Program is the learning curve- it’s not impossible, but it is literally rocket science.

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