You asked: What do reaction wheels do in KSP?

A reaction wheel provides torque to a craft and allows it to rotate in space with using only electric charge and is thus available as long as there is an electric power generator on board. Those were namely added in version 0.21 but a similar unnamed system was added previously.

Why do reaction wheels fail?

The failures of these reaction wheels can be traced to one problem: friction in the bearings which allow these flywheels to spin at thousands of rotations per minute. When the motor inside the reaction wheel can’t overcome the friction of the bearings, the reaction wheel has failed.

How accurate are reaction wheels?

To accommodate the three different pointing requirements, the three-axis stabilized satellite will be steered by two pairs of student-designed reaction wheels with a pointing accuracy of approximately 0.5°.

Where do you put the reaction wheel?

Place the reaction wheels on the center of mass. The tail of a plane is more lenient, but for pretty much every use you want it pretty far behind the center of mass.

Can reaction wheels control a drone?

Tom Stanton has created a new concept for drone control, but it seems there’s some work to do. Technically a bicopter, this DIY drone uses the space-age technology (reaction wheels) to control its direction. …

What is reaction wheel desaturation?

The aim of desaturation is to reduce the the speed of the Reaction Wheel. My understanding is that I can’t just turn off or reduce the speed of the wheel because the momentum would merely transfer to the spacecraft.

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Does the ISS use reaction wheels?

The information that I have available indicates that the ISS does not use magnetorquers, but rather will store the momentum until it is so high that it must desaturate, when it accomplishes via the use of small thrusters.

What is a momentum dump?

Accounting for External Torques

Applying such an external torque is referred to as momentum dumping. To dump via magnetic torques, the satellite must control its magnetic moment so that the desired external torque is applied to the earth’s magnetic field.

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