You asked: What is the best station in Sol Elite Dangerous?

Burnell Station and Titan City seem to have the best weapon outfitting selection in the system, while the stations around Earth seem to have the best internal outfitting.

What is the best station in elite dangerous?

Well, the answer is Jameson Memorial, in Shinrarta Dezhra. (Jameson has every ship/module at all times) But you have to be Elite to gain access to that system.

Is Sol a good home system?

Sol is not the greatest place for a home because there are no missions going there (because it’s a permit system), try picking one of the nearby systems. One thing sol is great at is selling metals. Daedalus has a wide variety. So running trade missions from systems outside of Sol is a great way to make money.

What station do you start in elite dangerous?

Players who start a new game in Elite Dangerous, do not own Elite Dangerous: Horizons, and do not choose to begin pilot training in Dromi will first spawn at Trevithick Dock in LHS 3447 with a loan Sidewinder MkI.

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Is Jameson Memorial a good home station?

Yes, it’s a good place.

Can you land on Earth in elite dangerous?

Nope. You can only land on worlds without atmosphere and volcanic activity for the moment. when it comes, can expect it to be a pretty incredible experience imo.

Can you build a station in elite dangerous?

But stations are changing in Elite: Dangerous. Rather than have a set of stock models developer Frontier will have the game procedurally build stations from a bag of different station bits. … In Elite: Dangerous missions are created within the game dynamically.

How do you get a federation rank?

Federation Ranks

  1. Get a small or medium ship with minimum 13.7 Ly jump range.
  2. Go to Perry’s Folly in Ochosi.
  3. Pick up data delivery missions from Federation factions only to Chargaff Installation or Williams Dock in Chakpa.
  4. Fly to Chargaff Installation drop off mission. …
  5. Fly to Williams Dock drop off mission.

When should I leave the starting area elite dangerous?

Leave when you’re ready. The areas outside the beginner area aren’t all that different except in that they are populated by other players, some who enjoy whacking new players just for a thrill kill. If you avoid the high traffic areas (or go there in solo mode) that’s not really a problem.

Does everyone start at the same place in elite dangerous?

Everyone will start there. Suggestion from a PC player is get to Eravate as quickly as possible. Its a much better system with more options for ships, upgrades, etc.

When should I leave my newbie area elite dangerous?

It’s more risky to leave starter areas when you’re still in the sidewinder, but after you’ve moved on from that ship to a Viper or Cobra or larger, (or even the Eagle, given it’s speed at being able to outrun enemies), you’re more or less okay.

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Does Jameson Memorial have everything?

Jameson Memorial is noteworthy for offering all ships and almost all modules for purchase in its Outfitting services at a 10% discount.

How do you rank up in elite trade?

How to Increase Trade Rank Quick – Boom Deliveries

  1. Take a ship capable of landing on medium landing pads because a lot of missions in this system require such capabilities. …
  2. Land in any available station in the Aditi System.
  3. Accept as many Boom Delivery Missions as possible. …
  4. Take enough missions to fill your cargo space.
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