Can you refuel at a fleet carrier elite dangerous?

Elite: Dangerous’ long awaited new Personal Fleet Carriers are finally on their way to the game. The massive ship was revealed by developer Frontier during Gamescom with a flashy new trailer that shows off all of its features. … The Carrier will allow players to repair and refuel their ships as well as modify their gear.

How do you refuel a carrier in elite dangerous?

This way, you can refuel your ship via two methods;

  1. Buying hydrogen fuel from a station.
  2. Equipping a fuel scoop and a fuel refinery (a new mod that would need to be introduced) to fill your cargo space with H3 from your nearest OBAFGKM star, and manually refueling your ship.

Do fleet carriers come with fuel?

In order to undertake a jump, the ship must be supplied with a certain amount of a fuel called Tritium, that can either be purchased from Commodity Markets at Starports with a Refinery economy or mined from surface and sub-surface deposits on icy asteroids.

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Do fleet carriers count as markets elite dangerous?

They don’t count as black markets either, for the purpose of engineer requirements.

How long does it take to get a Fleet Carrier elite dangerous?

This process takes 7 days, leaving time for the owner to reconsider. A percentage of the cost is refunded to the player once decommissioning is complete.

How much does a Fleet Carrier cost in elite dangerous?

A Fleet Carrier costs 5,000,000,000 credits for the base model, which includes a Commodity Market and a Tritium Depot. The ships are individually owned, and the owner can only have one Fleet Carrier at a time. The owner can manage docking permissions. A Fleet Carrier has 16 landing pads.

Can you destroy fleet carriers?

Q: Can carriers be destroyed? No, carriers can not be destroyed by conventional weapons.

How many ships can you store on a fleet carrier?

Yes, 2 accounts with a carrier on each can have both 40 ships.

How many is a fleet?

The definition of a fleet is pretty simple — any company or person that has more than one car has a fleet. Technically, the company need not even own the cars for them to be considered a fleet. Companies that use fleet vehicles often lease them for their employees rather than buy them.

How do you get a fleet carrier elite dangerous?

Known systems

Once you drop out of supercruise, you should see a large depot pretty close to the station, but you need to land inside the station and go to the Contacts menu in order to buy a Fleet Carrier. Look for the “Fleet Carrier Vendor” to make your purchase.

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How big are fleet carriers elite dangerous?

Here are some of the specifics: Fleet Carriers have 16 Landing Pads, they are capable of jumping through hyperspace, and have a cargo capacity of 25,000 tonnes. Fleet Carriers aren’t just sitting ducks either, with 20 defence turret emplacements dotted around their huge surface area.

Where can I buy a fleet carrier elite dangerous?

Fleet Carriers are available for purchase only at select systems, buts Starports that do sell them are distinguishable by the ‘Carrier Construction Dock’ stationed nearby. The ‘Carrier Construction’ service should be available in their Starport Service menus under the Contracts tab.

Can you give friends money in elite dangerous?

You can’t transfer money by cargo. Only things from cargo like ore or alloys. This is like primordial barter. There are 34 century but ship captains use primitive barter for trade.

How much tritium do you need for Colonia?

If you’re in the Bubble, buy it (at around 50k/t) and then take it to Colonia. You’ll still have most of it when you get there. If you’re in Colonia, buy it from another Carrier (probably at around 120k/t) if you need more than can be readily mined.

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