Frequent question: Does Star Citizen work with TrackIR?

TrackIR is a third-party hardware and software option that allows for tracking of head movements to control the camera inside a compatible game, such as Star Citizen! … Login to Star Citizen and enter the Universe.

Does DELANCLiP work with TrackIR?

Compatible with Any Software

DELANCLiP is fully compatibile with TrackIR (any version) – Camera and Software – it is a brilliant replacement of the “Track Clip Pro”, also compatible with OpenTrack, Facetracknoir and Free-Track.

How do you talk in Star Citizen?

You can open and close the Chat Window by pressing the ‘F12’ key. The Chat Window is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Is Star Citizen a VR?

Star Citizen does not have official VR support currently.

Does TrackIR have a camera?

TrackIR software is used to access and control the camera, as well as adjust tracking and manage game profiles.


TrackIR 4:PRO camera attached to laptop monitor
Lifespan 2001
Connectivity USB

Does Star Citizen have push to talk?

Num Pad + is the default Push to Talk Button you can rebind that – options, keybindings, advanced controls customization, social general, PTT. VOIP will be able to broadcast in a few ways locally, to a group & to a specific person on a call.

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How do you go into 3rd person in Star Citizen?

The default mode which is the one you start in is called First Person. Pressing F4 once changes the camera to 3rd Person which should be a familiar view for RPGers. Pressing F4 a second time switches to the Director Mode camera that players can control freely.

How do I get my mic to work in Star Citizen?

Press F11. Select the channel you want to enable (i.e. Global, etc.).

Ensure the correct microphone is set in the Windows Sound Settings.

  1. Open the Settings options within Windows.
  2. Select System from the list.
  3. Click Sounds from the option on the left of the window.
  4. Set the correct input device from the drop down menu.
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