Frequent question: Is Mass Effect still worth playing?

Even though there’s some degree of clunkiness still present in the original Mass Effect, it’s definitely worth playing today. It does a good job of kicking off the trilogy, and at times it feels more focused than either of its sequels.

Is Mass Effect worth playing in 2019?

Yes definitely worth playing…if you are into RPG with deep, interesting stories and characters ! Gameplay is also fine, though it could have been better in several ways.

Is Mass Effect still worth playing Reddit?

Yes, it is an absolutely amazing series and in my opinion the ending isn’t that bad. It definitely could have been better, but it isn’t that bad. Also if you get it now & get all the DLC (which includes the ‘directors cut’ ending) then you’ll have a truly awesome series to work through.

Does Mass Effect have good gameplay?

The story is decent, and even really sincerely engaging in some moments. The gameplay is fun and challenging enough that you don’t get too bored. The problem here for me is that, yes, the the game in its final completed form is good. But it isn’t great.

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Is Mass Effect worth it in 2020?

Even with better Mako handling and updated combat, the first Mass Effect still manages to feel the most distinct among the games in the trilogy. … Even though there’s some degree of clunkiness still present in the original Mass Effect, it’s definitely worth playing today.

Why was Mass Effect Andromeda so bad?

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Most Common Criticisms

Many were hoping that Andromeda would hold another, similarly complex interstellar culture. Instead, what players found was a lot of ruins, only two new alien species, and a lot of side content rehashing issues that were prevalent in the Milky Way.

Do you need to play Mass Effect 1 to play 2?

Yes. Mass Effect 1, which was released before its sequels, was made so that you can play it without having played the subsequent games. It also starts the story of the Mass Effect series, so if you are interested in the story, it is a good place to start.

Is Mass Effect 2 better?

Mass Effect 2 is the best in the series because it dedicates so much time to building such meaningful relationships, and then puts them at great risk. Sure, it’s a shiny, action-packed space romp, but above all else, Mass Effect 2 is an exciting, moving collection of sci-fi vignettes about love and loss.

Why Mass Effect is the best?

Mass Effect is beloved for its rich, well-written, perfectly voiced characters. They are loud and terrifying; quiet and dignified; quirky and super-intelligent. Like Shepard, whose morality is shaped by the player’s choices, these characters are never outright good or purely evil.

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Is Mass Effect easy?

On a whole, Mass Effect feels a little bit easier, but that’s really just due to some of its more unforgiving moments not having such tough circumstances leading into them anymore. … It feels a little redundant to say that yes, this is still Mass Effect, in a lot of the ways you might expect it.

Is Mass Effect difficult?

The difficulty levels in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 are labelled Casual, Normal, Veteran, Hardcore and Insanity. … When it comes to Mass Effect 3, the difficulties are a little bit different. Narrative difficulty level is even easier than Casual, truly making it for those who simply want to enjoy the game’s story.

Will there be a mass effect 5?

Mass Effect 5 — what to play while you wait

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remastered version of the original Mass Effect trilogy, along with all the DLC and other content bundled in. And it’ll be released in Spring 2021.

What happens if you play Mass Effect 2 without playing 1?

Yes – You can understand the story of Mass effect 2 even if you skip playing the first part in the series. You will stumble initially but you will come around if you don’t take the storyline very seriously. Over 75+ hours of awesome gameplay awaits you.

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