Frequent question: What is the best empire in EVE Online?

The Amarr Empire is the largest of all of the empires. It is ruled by an Empress and supported by a foundation of slave labour. Citizens tend to be highly educated and have no issue with the ethical conundrums of their empire. The empire is one of the most stable powers and also has one the largest militaries.

Which faction is best in EVE Online?

Caldari, Easily. They are best for PvP and PvE.

Does race matter in EVE Online?

Your race doesn’t matter unless you are an alpha because you can train into any race you want as long as you aren’t an alpha. There is no best race because different areas of race you different ships and most corps/alliance use multiple races of ships in fleets. Race matters in EVE as much as Gigx does now.

Does faction matter EVE?

If you talk about faction in the way of your character: It really doesn’t matter. Character choice only changes your appearance, starting location and starting skills (which is like less then 1 day of training for any other race).

How many players does Eve Online have?

The two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles now held by EVE Online are: largest multiplayer video game PvP battle (8,825 players) most concurrent participants in a multiplayer video game PvP battle (6,557 participants)

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Can you change race in EVE?

You can make 3 different toons on one account. Just make another one in the race you want. As mentioned, previously, you dont have to be a specific race to use any ship or module and in high sec you are free to go anywhere.

Are Railguns good in Eve echoes?

They do the lowest alpha damage, the only weapon they beat in DPS is missiles, but those never miss. They have okay range, better then lasers at least but a third of that range is falloff. They do have *slightly* better tracking then artillery, but worse then lasers.

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