How antennas work in KSP?

Antennae allow communication with Kerbal Space Center, when deployed. With version 0.22 the antennae allow the return of scientific data from space, without the need to recover the craft on Kerbin. In versions prior to 0.22, antennae couldn’t be retracted and had no function in the base game. …

How far do antennas reach KSP?

Power ratings for antennae range from 5k for the integrated antenna available in every Command module, to 100G for the largest dishes. Kerbin’s Deep Space Network can be treated as a vessel with a rating of 2G/50G/250G (depending on the level of the Tracking Station) for the purposes of calculating range.

How do you calculate antenna range in KSP?

Take the antenna power. Multiply it by the antenna power of your tracking station (level 1, 2G; level 2, 50G; level 3, 250G). Take the square root of that. That’s how far away KSC can control your probe.

How do relay antennas work KSP?

Uses. Relay Satellites are used to communicate with the Kerbal Space Center without the need for a direct connection to it. … Relay Satellites give the function for other Probes to stay connected to the Kerbal Space Center without having the requirement to be in the line of Kerbin, or the range.

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What is a relay antenna?

A relay antenna does everything a direct antenna does, plus acts as a relay. If you can see a line between the probe and the relay, it’s working.

What antenna does Duna use?

To communicate with the ground from Duna at all times, you would need a HG-55 or three RA-2 antennas.

How do you activate cheat menu in KSP?

Press ALT+F12 to access the debug console, which you can use to enjoy unlimited fuel, unbreakable joints, and other helpful perks.

What is antenna rating in KSP?

Kerbal Space Program

For example communotron16 has 500k antenna rating. … Antenna rating is how far your antennas are able to communicate. Two 500km rated antennas can only communicate from at most 500km away. Your level 3 tracking station should have a rating of 150Gm or 250,000,000km.

What do satellites do in KSP?

Artificial satellites can be used for unmanned flights to test rocket designs, or to travel to other planetary bodies to collect scientific data. With the addition of the career mode and science mode, satellites are not available until later in the game due to the lack of command probes.

What does combinable mean KSP?

The range does increase. That (combinable) tag after the range means that you can combine multiple for more range.

What is Keostationary orbit?

Kerbisynchronous Equatorial Orbit (or KEO for short) is the stationary orbit of the planet Kerbin, a very useful orbit for satellites. A spacecraft on this orbit will appear stationary when viewed from the surface.

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