How do I spend loyalty points in EVE Online?

The most common use of loyalty points is to simply use them in the loyalty point store to get the ships, modules or items you want. Either for personal use or to simply sell the item on the market for ISK. Before you spend your loyalty points you should always do a little bit of research.

How do you sell LP in EVE Online?

You can’t sell LP. However you can transform that LP into something with ISK value. Then sell that item and you get ISK.

What is AK in EVE Online?

Added 21 AK Offers to the Sisters of EVE Corp’s LP Store listing. AK are the credits you gain from Project Discovery mini game.

How do you convert LP to Eve?

You can convert CONCORD loyalty points from anywhere as long as you’re docked in a station (doesn’t work in other structures) and as long as you have some existing loyalty points in the corporation, by using the journal. You can also use the Exchange LPs button in the top-right of the Loyalty Point Store window.

What are incursions Eve?

What are Incursions? Incursions are automated events introduced with the Incursion expansion in which the NPC faction known as the Sansha’s Nation, led by Sansha Kuvakei, invade space in an attempt to conquer it for themselves.

Where are the Edencom skill books?

The basic skills can now be purchased directly from your character sheet, while blueprints for ships, modules, and ammunition, along with the tech II specialization and encryption skills, are now available through the DED LP. Modules will now also drop from EDENCOM wrecks in Triglavian conflict sites.

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