How do you change grenades in Mass Effect?

Open the pause menu, select Equipment, go to the grenades section, then equip the anti-Thorian ones. Press X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation in this menu to see your grenade “upgrade” options.

How do you change grenades in Mass Effect 1?

To change the grenades you are using, you do it the same way you do your weapons and ammo upgrades. On Shepard, go to your grenades and select X for upgrades, and it should pull up your available grenades.

How do you throw grenades in Mass Effect Andromeda?

If you’ve already learned a skill that will allow you to throw grenades (for example, the Omnic Grenade skill under Combat can have points put into it), you’ll be able to throw grenades by hitting R1 on the PS4, or RB on Xbox One.

How do you not kill the colonists on Feros?

Leave the colonists” so that your Squad Mates go out of their way to not shoot the colonists. Picking “Wipe everything out” will mean they shoot them like any other enemy. After applying the Anti-Thorian Gas mod to your Grenades, you should then use them on the Colonists to subdue them.

Do grenades recharge Mass Effect?

In Mass Effect, Grenades are finite, and unlike medi-gel, there is no place to go to replenish them between missions.

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Does Mass Effect 2 have grenades?

Two types of grenades appear as loyalty powers in Mass Effect 2 available only with DLC. Unlike the other games, grenades in Mass Effect 2 are not limited by quantity but function on cooldowns like all other powers.

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