How do you rendezvous ships in KSP?

SET THE THING YOU WANT TO RENDEZVOUS AS YOUR TARGET. You probably aren’t going anywhere if you don’t set the target as your target. Simply click on the ship you aim to rendezvous and click “Set as target”. Only after you set it as target will you be able to see the intercept indicators.

How do you get to orbit rendezvous?

For orbital rendezvous to occur, both spacecraft must be in the same orbital plane, and the phase of the orbit (the position of the spacecraft in the orbit) must be matched. For docking, the speed of the two vehicles must also be matched. The “chaser” is placed in a slightly lower orbit than the target.

What does rendezvous mean KSP?

An Orbital Rendezvous is a series of maneuvers which result in a craft achieving a stable condition of close proximity to a target object orbiting the same parent body. In general, an orbital rendezvous involves two steps – encounter and velocity matching.

How do you transfer fuel in KSP?

To transfer fuel you will have to dock your vessels. This can be done either using docking ports on both vessels or a “grabbing unit” aka the “claw” on one of them. You will also need to have at least one upgrade of the science facility back at the Kerbal Space Center to enable resource transfer.

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How do you use the jetpack in KSP?

Pressing R will activate a Kerbonaut’s RCS jetpack. If he is in midair, he will attempt to automatically reorient to face away from the camera on the axis perpendicular to the equatorial plane. W , S , A , and D will move him respectively forward, backward, left, and right relative to the direction he is looking.

How do you rescue stuck in orbit KSP?

You have to be very careful that you don’t damage anything, and take it in stages.

  1. Get the disabled ship into an aero-breaking orbit.
  2. thrust the rescue ship backwards using RCS, put that one in a stable orbit.
  3. switch over to the disabled ship and follow it all the way down.
  4. deorbit the rescue ship.

How do you catch something up in orbit?

Choosing a transfer orbit

So if you are “ahead” of your target and want it to catch up, you should go into a higher orbit (one with a longer period) and hang out there for a while, and come back. If you need to catch up your target, you go into a lower orbit (with a shorter period).

How do you target an orbit in KSP?

Just add a maneuver node on your orbit and drag the prograde until the planned orbit intersects the orbit of the Moon you’re targeting, then drag the node around until you get a flyby. Once you get a flyby: MAKE SURE IT’S IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

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