How do you rotate ships in KSP?

Grab your root part and hit Q or E. That will rotate the entire ship 90*.

What is the fastest way to switch ships in KSP?

You can set alarms for maneuver nodes, Pe/Ap, AN/DN, transfer windows, and more. The alarms get attached to a particular vessel, and when they expire it will kill time warp and give you the opportunity to switch to that ship.

How do I throttle up in KSP?

Keys. LAUNCH: Throttle: left SHIFT = throttle up, left CONTROL= throttle down, “x”= throttle off. SPACEBAR activates (next) stage.

How do I rotate in Eva KSP?

You can rotate a kerbal by dragging with left mouse button. Click on the Kerbal in jetpack mode and drag up/down.

How do you duplicate items in KSP?

Tip: While building a ship, holding down Alt while taking off a part will instead DUPLICATE that part for you.

How do you switch planes in KSP?

Go back to the space centre, enter the tracking station, select the vessel you want in the list on the left and click the green “fly” button at the bottom left. Switch to map view, right click on the vessel in the map and select “Switch to” on the resulting menu.

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How do you switch between ships?

The only way to move between ships (even in the same system) is being in close proximity and pressing “T” or flying to it in a drone.

How do I switch vessels in KSP console?

The workaround is: go to Space Center, click on Tracking Station, find my ship or probe (in a big long list), click on “Fly” for the specific ship, wait through 3 different loading times, then I’m at the other ship.

How do I recover a vessel in KSP?

Hold down the right mouse button, and move the mouse until you see the spacecraft in the distance (see Figure 1-15). Click it, and click Recover Vessel.

How do you turn on an engine in KSP?

Just as holding the left Shift key will increase your thrust, holding the left Ctrl (Control) key will reduce it. Press Space once to ignite your engines!

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