How do you transfer ores in KSP?

Yes, you can transfer ore between two different docked crafts. Hold alt and right-click each of the tanks/containers you want involved in the transfer, then click the ‘out’ or ‘in’ buttons on the appropriate tanks/containers.

How do you extract ores in KSP?

Ore is gathered by mining the solid surfaces of planets, moons, asteroids or comets, using the ‘Drill-O-Matic’ Mining Excavator. Drilling continues to function during time warp.

Does ore run out KSP?

No and probably, respectively. As Veltrop said, moons and planets have infinite ore…but they have it at low and varied densities. You should consider putting a scanner and wheels on it so you can move around finding better spots.

How much does ore weigh KSP?

When completely filled with ore, the Large Holding Tank will have a mass of 17 tons, as each unit of ore weighs 10 kg per unit.

What is ore used for KSP?

The ore has no serious financial value, but can be used to produce fuel with a converter and vast amount of electricity. These tanks store the ore temporarily from extraction until conversion. Ore tanks were introduced in version 1.0.

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Can you build in space in KSP?

Kerbal Space Program’s 1.11 update lets the lil greenies do construction in space. EVA Construction and an inventory revamp are big upgrades to the rocket sim.

What can engineers do KSP?

Engineer is a specialization assigned to Kerbonauts. Engineers can repair broken parts with repair kits and repack parachutes. They also greatly affect the efficiency of Resource Harvesters and Converters on the craft they are aboard.

What do radiators do in KSP?

The radiators are special devices that can cool other parts of a craft, consuming a small amount of electric charge when operating. They dissipate heat into space (radiative) and atmosphere (convective).

How do you scan arms in Kerbal space program?

Once the surface feature is found, get close to it and right-click on the arm to start the scan. The ship must be at a full stop and the arm must have enough room and electricity to perform the experiment. In total you will need ~100 EC to run the experiment from start to finish.

How do you get science in Kerbal space program?

Science may also be obtained upon successful completion of certain contracts, or gained through the implementation of administrative strategies. Science must either be recovered or transmitted in order to be used on Kerbin to unlock additional technologies.

How do you get to polar orbit in KSP?

If you change your nav ball to orbit before you get out of the atmosphere just align the prograde marker with the north line and that’s when you know you’re in a straight polar orbit. Launch North (or South, doesn’t matter).

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Does Ike have an atmosphere?

Ike is a moon and the only natural satellite of Duna. Ike has steep, rocky slopes and no atmosphere.

Can you mine on kerbin?

Being able to mine pretty much everything, or at least everything important, on Kerbin – and right on the runway, the need to take your mining rig to space becomes quite pointless and the whole concept feels a bit like a cheap exploit.

How do you make a base in MUN?

Start by placing a command module on top of your Mun capable rocket. It can be manned or unmanned, but this module should act as your initial command center for your base. Include at least one docking port. Once you have completed this module, place it on the BOTTOM of the rocket stage that will land it on the Mun.

How do you keep a drill cool in KSP?

make sure you have radiators on the ship, and 2. wait. The drills will naturally warm up as they operate until they reach optimum operating temperature, and the radiators will then stop the drills from getting too hotter.

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