Is KOTOR similar to Mass Effect?

It was also developed by BioWare, so it has a lot of similar qualities as KOTOR and brings some new elements that you may enjoy. While there are four games in the series, the last game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, was not as well received as the first three.

Is Mass Effect better than KOTOR?

KotOR 1 was better than ME1 imo. ME2 made Mass Effect the better series overall with its continuity and quality. Three was almost as good as two.

Is Mass Effect like Star Wars?

Mass Effect may remind players of Star Wars in many ways, but there are elements of Star Trek in there too, making it a fascinating mix of both. … In many ways, Mass Effect is like the Star Trek of a new generation, but the series also borrows some key elements and ideas from Star Wars as well.

Is Mass Effect just KOTOR?

Looking back, Olgen notes that “it was a very smart decision on their part.” Instead of creating a new Knights of the Old Republic game, BioWare and the KotOR team started work on Mass Effect. … Some features from Knights of the Old Republic would go on to inspire things in BioWare’s later games.

Is KOTOR Worth Playing 2021?

Fans should definitely check out KOTOR for themselves if they want to understand why it was so well-loved that KOTOR warranted a remake. Those who wonder can rest assured that KOTOR is a worthwhile game today.

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Is Jade Empire like KOTOR?

KOTOR uses a turned-base D&D combat system. … Jade Empire uses a real time fight system whenever you enter combat; think of it like a hack and slash style and is a lot more fluid. To answer your other query, KOTOR is a lot bigger (couple of planets).

Is Dragon Age like KOTOR?

This game is basically KotOR more stripped down. While both games function as effective D&D style games, Dragon Age is a lot more so. They’re pretty similar, but DA is more “hardcore” imho.

Which is better halo or Mass Effect?

In Mass Effect, choices are nice for players who like RPG elements, but they can greatly affect the sequence of events in each game. While each has its merits, players who really want to be told a story and take it all in during a single playthrough are much better off opting for Halo.

Is Mass Effect more like Star Wars or Star Trek?

In fact, Mass Effect is actually closer to Star Trek than Star Wars even in the world-building aspect. That’s why it feels more sci-fi compared to KOTOR.

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