Is there a way to save Cortez in ME3?

During Priority: Earth in Mass Effect 3, after dropping off Shepard and their squad, Steve’s shuttle is shot down by a Harvester. As with any other squadmate, if players have taken time to get to know Steve and complete his hidden, unofficial loyalty mission, he will survive this crash.

How do you save Admiral Anderson?

4 Answers. “Saving” Anderson means preventing the Ilusive Man from shooting him a second time. There’s no way to avoid his eventual death.

Where is Cortez on the Citadel?

Cortez should be found in [Citadel: Bay D24], watching the ships flying off. Speak to him and this time convince that he should visit the Memorial Wall. You will also be able to use paragon dialogue option, though it won’t be necessary. The last place you have to visit is [Citadel: Port – Holding Area].

Can you survive Mass Effect 3?

The possible endings to Mass Effect 3 are: Destroy (Red): Shepard can destroy the Reapers, but this will also destroy all synthetic life in the galaxy, including the geth, EDI, and even Shepard’s cybernetics. … With this option, Earth survives, and Shepard’s squad survives and are synthesized.

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Where is the Shrike Abyssal?

The Shrike Abyssal contains the Urla Rast, Xe Cha, Thai, and Kyzil systems.

Fuel, War Assets and Anomalies.

System Location War Asset
Thal Southwest of star (between 1st and 2nd rings) Wreckage: Fuel 400

Can you save Anderson in ME3?

4 Answers. “Saving” Anderson means preventing the Ilusive Man from shooting him a second time. There’s no way to avoid his eventual death.

Does EDI survive the destroy ending?

EDI’s body will be destroyed but not her data base, meaning she still exists but not in her form she took from Dr. Eva. The Geth, sadly because Legion was my absolute favorite of Mass Effect 2, are more then likely gone unless Legion’s sacrafice made them more then just synthetics.

What is the best ME3 ending?

The one critical thing to getting the best ending in ME3 is the War Assets mechanic. If you get enough war assets before your final battle against the Reapers, Commander Shepard lives, and the trilogy ends on a happier note.

Can you romance EDI?

Garrus Vakarian: When Garrus arrives on the Normandy, speak to him and reaffirm your affections. Later, when you meet for a date at the Presidium, you will have the option to commit to the relationship.

When should I do the Citadel DLC?

The best time to play the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC is right after completing the “Priority: Horizon” main story mission. Players should finish the ME3 Legendary Edition Citadel DLC at this stage to experience all of the possible content.

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Can you romance more than one person in Mass Effect 3?

Romance is possible in Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 for both a male and female Commander Shepard.

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