Question: How do I get more mass in Kerbal space program?

In the space center view, right click on the launch pad, and select upgrade (funds permitting).

Are there cheats for Kerbal space program?

Strictly speaking there are no cheats codes in KSP. Alt+F12 will bring up the debug menu yes, allowing shortcuts like infinite fuel and infinite RCS.

Is Kerbal space program dead?

5 Answers. In Sandbox Mode, Kerbals don’t die. They “mysteriously disappear”. They respawn after a short while (the original three (Jebediah, Bill, Bob) at a quicker rate than generic Kerbals), and can then be sent to their doom again.

Who has the most hours on Kerbal space program?

Most Kerbal Space Program Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)

# Steam ID Playtime (H)
1 Daddy Ti – Daddy Ti – Stid.. 43,015
2 Sleepycat 13,729
3 「 GIFUS 」 11,374
4 WebbY 10,586

Is Kerbal space hard?

This game is hard, and rewarding. It’s kinda like chess. You can play with a little knowledge and skill, but it gets deep later – especially when you try to land on a distant planet or build an SSTO.

How do I recover a Kerbal?

It may be resting on solid ground, or floating in water, but it cannot be in motion or airborne. Once the craft has reached this state, moving the mouse over the altimeter will reveal a “Recover” button; clicking it will return to the Space Center and display what was recovered.

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How can I revive Jebediah?

To resurrect him, you must take his remains (contained within a goo container) into low orbit of all the moons of Jool, and finally toss his remains into Jool itself, while chanting the dark magic “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppsKerbal Space Programsavesgame savepersistent.

What happens when a Kerbal dies?

The Kerbalese government investigates the death and finds KSC in violation of about 100,000 safety codes and regulations. You get fined several million, your reputation drops to single digits, most contracts are withdrawn, and the astronaut complex is abandoned as all the trainees and most of the astronauts quit.

What do radiators do in Kerbal space program?

The radiators are special devices that can cool other parts of a craft, consuming a small amount of electric charge when operating. They dissipate heat into space (radiative) and atmosphere (convective).

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