Question: How do you quick switch Crafts in KSP?

You use the left [ and right ] keys to switch between crafts.

How do you change Crafts in KSP?

Go back to the space centre, enter the tracking station, select the vessel you want in the list on the left and click the green “fly” button at the bottom left. Switch to map view, right click on the vessel in the map and select “Switch to” on the resulting menu.

How do you switch between ships?

The only way to move between ships (even in the same system) is being in close proximity and pressing “T” or flying to it in a drone.

How do I switch vessels in KSP console?

The workaround is: go to Space Center, click on Tracking Station, find my ship or probe (in a big long list), click on “Fly” for the specific ship, wait through 3 different loading times, then I’m at the other ship.

How do you change the main part in KSP?

It is possible to change the root part of an already built construction in the VAB/SPH using the Root icon (fourth from left) of the assembly mode selector icons (Editor Gizmos). In this mode the part clicked on becomes the root part if it satisfies the conditions of being the root part.

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How do you focus on crafts in KSP?

You can use the backspace key to focus on your current ship. This should reset the zoom level as well as the position. As of May the 4th (the time of my checking and verifying), the key used to focus the active vessel is the back quote: ` .

How do you focus on KSP?

You can double click on any planet to bring it into focus, though sometimes you will accidentally switch to a ship or flag on the surface of that planet. Probably easier is to use TAB to go through everything. You can also use shift-tab but watch out. Shift is throttle up!

How do I change my ship Avorion?

In the galaxy map, you can right click a sector and then you select “switch to sector”. Your ship will be left behind and your drone will be teleported to the chosen sector.

How do you activate cheat menu in KSP?

Press ALT+F12 to access the debug console, which you can use to enjoy unlimited fuel, unbreakable joints, and other helpful perks.

How do I make things bigger in KSP?

There’s only a few of basic things to do to make larger or smaller copies of any parts.

  1. Go to your parts folder, find the one you want to resize and copy then paste it’s folder. Then change the name of the copied folder so you’ll know what’s in it. ( …
  2. Open the part. …
  3. Look for the line: RescaleFactor =

How do you change thrust in KSP?

The throttle can be controlled with the ⇧ Left Shift and ^ Left Ctrl keys, which will respectively increase and decrease the throttle. When in Intra-Vehicular Activity view, the throttle lever in the cockpit can also be used by clicking and dragging it with the mouse.

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How do you use sub assembly in KSP?


  1. Save the entire craft, then move away the part to be saved as the subassembly. …
  2. Select a decoupler as the root part and put the rest of the launcher below the decoupler. …
  3. Move the craft file from into the subassemblies directory: root directory/saves/<save game name>/Ships/<VAB or SPH>/<craft name>.
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