Question: How do you use the mining tool in Star Citizen?

How do you use the prospector in Star Citizen?

You need a Prospector ship to mine and the process consists in 3 steps. 1) First you use scan mode to scan for suitable rocks on planet surfaces or asteroids belts. 2) Once you’ve located the rocks you change your mode to fracture and use the laser to ‘charge’. If you go too far it will explode and damage you.

How do you scan minerals in Star Citizen?

Resources can be found in rocks on moons, in caves or on asteroids. Once we reach the surface, we switch to scanning mode with the TAB-button. Keep the left mouse button pressed to fully charge the scan (at level 1x) and release the button to trigger the ping.

Can the Cutlass black mine?

OH YES ! Not at present, but in the future? Probably. It will never be as good as a Prospector, but from what CIG has said, you’ll be able to yank stuff off the Cutlass (or any ship), plop on the mining (or whatever) equipment, and run it as a cobbled together make-work.

How much does it cost to rent a prospector Star Citizen?


Buy 2,061,000 aUEC
Rent (1 day) 41,220 aUEC / 20,610 REC
Claim time 18:00 min
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What is hand mining?

Hand mining is a trenchless construction method used to install utility tunnels larger than 48‐inches in diameter to allow for personnel entry for manual excavation with hand tools at the tunnel face. This construction method requires non‐pressurized and reasonably stable soil for safety.

What tools are needed for crystal mining?

If you are working the veins in the ground, then you need the above tools plus a three foot pry bar with a bend on the end which is sharpened to a point, a 4-pound sledge hammer, an 8-pound sledge hammer, a 5 to 6 foot chisel-edged stout pry or breaker bar, heavy leather gloves, and a lot of energy.

How do you equip a mining tool?

Press 4 to put the mining tool in your hand. Press and hold R to put the tool away.

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