Question: How does cargo work in Star Citizen?

To simplify the loading process, every container in Star Citizen will include a port for a cargo jack allowing it to be manipulated directly using an array of anti-grav pulsers. Players will load their containers (or acquire them pre-loaded) and then position them aboard or attached to their spacecraft.

How do you jettison cargo in Star Citizen?

Activate Mining Consumable (Slot 3) – LEFT ALT + 3 – New in Alpha 3.9! Jettison Cargo – – LEFT ALT + T – New in Alpha 3.9!

Why is my cargo Illegal Star Citizen?

Every cargo is considered as illegal. … Fun fact : if your ship with the cargo gets controlled by local security, they don’t see the cargo as illegal. Only the trading consoles see the cargo as illegal.

How do you sell stuff in Star Citizen?

How to sell your Star Citizen Ships

  1. Register and post the info on your account (100% free).
  2. When a buyer is ready to purchase, we’ll send the buyer your account login details within 2 minutes.
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Can you transfer cargo in Star Citizen?

And one of the most important steps is developing a cargo system that allows players to more fully interact with their environment than any previous space game.


First Reference Kickstarter Campaign
Large Crate Transfer 3.0
Small Crate Interactable 3.0
Personal Inventory 3.7

Can you sell Armor Star Citizen?

Our Star Citizen section allows you to sell your virtual Star Citizen assets including Space Ships, Vehicles, Gear, and Decoration Items for the online Science Fiction game Star Citizen developed by Roberts Space Industries (RSI) & Cloud Imperium Games (CIG).

Where do you sell illegal cargo in Star Citizen?

Galacitc Logistics – The Premier Logistics and Cargo Organization for Star Citizen. You can still sell the cargo though at the kiosk in Port Olisar, Grim Hex etc. Park 2 ships close to each other (cargo grid).

Can you trade in Star Citizen?

How does trading work in Star Citizen? In Star Citizen, trading works more or less the way you expect it to: buy low, sell high and make profit! … That means you can gamble by trading rare, poorly-supplied commodities or play it safe by trading common, well-supplied goods.

Are star hangers safe?

Safe and Secure

We at Star-Hangar have zero tolerance for such practice, making the protection of our customers our top priority! With years of experience in trading digital goods, Star-Hangar has successfully enabled the transactions of thousands of digital goods worth millions of US dollars.

Can you make real money in Star Citizen?

Is Star Citizen Pay-to-Win? Currently people can purchase ships, weapons, and equipment for real money. … At this time the developers have stated that it will be possible to buy UEC, the game’s primary currency used to purchase most items, with real money in a limited way.

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Can I lose my ship in Star Citizen?

What is insurance? Pilots in Star Citizen will be able purchase insurance policies in-game for their fleet. This ensures that your ship will be replaced should it be destroyed or stolen. … At this time, it requires no upkeep or fee for players to acquire basic ship loss coverage.

Can you sell stolen cargo Star Citizen?

You can sell cargo from stolen ship.

What happens if you destroy your ship Star Citizen?

Not that Star Citizen has needed security up to this point, really: if your ship is destroyed or stolen, you can just spawn a replacement without any penalty. … So we’re sort of moving toward systems that encourage players to repair and survive, not die, not have their ship blown up, and keep on playing.”

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