Quick Answer: How to do star citizen emotes?

Use F12 to open the chat window. (Press L to bring up the buddy list which also gives you a mouse to use the scroll bar.) Use a forward slash or “/” to initiate the command. You can add a number to the specific emote within the range provided, or you execute it without the number to do a random emote.

How do you chat in Star Citizen?

You can open and close the Chat Window by pressing the ‘F12’ key. The Chat Window is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

What is decoupled mode in Star Citizen?

In Decoupled mode, your ship does none of that. If you start moving to the right to get around a debris, that’s cool! Keep on doing that! Your ship doesn’t correct to set you back straight, no forces are applied, so you keep moving in the same direction.

How do you direct message on Star Citizen?

Koen. /d (or /direct, or /to) then a player’s Commander name then your message to send a direct message.

How do you report someone on Star Citizen?

If you would like to report a player for inappropriate behavior, please use the following flow:- While you are playing the game go to the in-game Lobby and select the player you would like to report. On the next screen, select the option REPORT PLAYER.

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How do I turn my ship lights on Star Citizen?

Prone Changed from CTRL to X. 5 to turn on/off ship lights (like the Reclaimer’s Spot Lights)

How do you land at Lorville?

Anytime after 8000 meters, you can request a landing pad:

  1. Click F1 to open the mobiGlass.
  2. Click the Comms button at the bottom left of the display.
  3. At the top-left of the display, choose the Comms tab.
  4. Click on Lorville Landing Services, to initiate a landing request.
  5. A hanger roof will be opened for a period of time.

What is ESP in Star Citizen?

Enhanced Stick Precision. ESP will dampen your inputs when your targeting reticle is above the target. This is designed to keep you from overshooting.

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