What does min pressure mean KSP?

Minimum pressure is the pressure the chutes first deploy, as a fraction of the air pressure at Kerbin’s sea level. So if you have that set to 0.5 and a barometer on your ship, you’ll see that it deploys at ~50 kilopascals.

Do more parachutes slow you down more KSP?

Parachutes are used on bodies with atmospheres such as Kerbin and Eve to slow the craft for a landing. The deceleration depends on both the mass of the craft and the density of the atmosphere. … On the other hand, a heavier parachute part generates more drag than a lighter parachute.

Can you reuse parachutes in KSP?

You definitely can, but it’ll only work through staging once so it’s advisable to set your chutes to an action group. You also need an EVA’d kerbal, but all you do is right-click the chute and click “Repack Chute” when your Kerbal is nearby (same as taking data from science parts).

When should I deploy my parachute KSP?

aim for slightly east when you launch, so you’ll have a smooth ballistic trajectory instead of a free fall. (warning, just for testing) put your parachute in the first stage (the same as your main booster), it should deploy automatically when you launch.

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How many parachutes do I need KSP?

Jettison your tanks and you usually don’t have to worry about weight too much; 3 parachutes is generally enough to land at 5m/s.

Do parachutes work on Duna?

I would be using multiple parachutes, to slow down a Duna lander. The inflatable heat shield slowed my 3t vessel to under 100m/s, and it then used the basic blue parachute and two radials to land, and even this was excessive. While Duna air is thinner, the gravity is also lower.

What altitude do you deploy parachute KSP?

The default . 04 partial deployment pressure corresponds to an altitude of around 17000 meters on Kerbin. At that altitude a parachute will have almost no effect, and your craft will probably continue to accelerate down to an altitude of 10000 meters – usually destroying your parachute.

How do you cheat in Kerbal space program?

Press ALT+F12 to access the debug console, which you can use to enjoy unlimited fuel, unbreakable joints, and other helpful perks.

Do parachutes work on the moon KSP?

Landing is only possible through the use of retrograde thrusters and landing gear; Mun’s lack of an atmosphere makes parachutes completely useless.

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