What happens if fist survives Mass Effect?

If Fist survived his previous encounter with Shepard, he starts a new life on Omega as a dockworker. Shepard meets him on the lower floor of the Afterlife Club, surrounded by a pair of asari.

Can fist survive Mass Effect?

Sparing Fist in Mass Effect 1

If players choose to be merciful and spare Fist, and if Wrex isn’t present, then the crime lord can survive the rest of the events of Mass Effect 1. … He can be found in Mass Effect 2’s Afterlife Club, on the lower floor.

Can you save fist?

Play through the game until you meet Fist, and then go through the entire dialogue exchange with him. Eventually, you’ll come to the decision to either kill or spare him. Choose to spare him, and he’ll slink off alive and well.

Can I get Wrex after fist?

After a cutscene with Wrex and a few C-Sec officers, Shepard can agree to let Wrex join the team. … If he is not in the squad, Shepard can spare Fist instead. Though Wrex initially signs on to complete his bounty against Fist, he will remain on the squad to defeat Saren and Sovereign.

What happens if Wrex kills fist?

However, if Wrex is in the squad, he kills Fist to fulfill his contract with the Shadow Broker regardless of what Shepard does. Shepard can find an OSD containing Fist’s private files in his office and pass it on to Emily Wong.

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What happens if you dont recruit Wrex?

If you did not recruit Wrex in ME1, the game will think Wrex was dead in ME2 and his Brother will take his place follow by in ME3.

How do I keep the fish alive in Mass Effect 2?

Shepard’s piscine companions must be fed after every mission or assignment to ensure that they remain alive. This can be extended to two assignments or missions back to back, provided there’s no returning to the Normandy in between. Otherwise, the dead fish must be cleaned out and new ones must be purchased.

How do I make sure wrex lives?

If you picked “You’re right” or “Be ready” when talking to Kaidan and Ashley earlier, you can pick “[Signal Ashley to kill Wrex]” to signal her to kill him. This also gives +25 Renegade Points.

Can you recruit Wrex?

Urdnot Wrex is one of the two missable characters in Mass Effect 1, the other being Garrus Vakarian, and if you don’t complete his mission until a certain point throughout your adventure, you won’t be able to recruit him at all.

Is Wrex a Squadmate in Mass Effect 3?

Tali returns as a full-time squadmate in Mass Effect 3, Wrex probably doesn’t. When Tom was out at BioWare’s Edmonton office last month, executive producer Casey Hudson confirmed that our favourite Quarian, Tali’Zorah vas Normandy, would return as a full-time squadmate.

Where is Garrus?

There are two ways to track down Garrus. The default is through Harkin. He may know where Garrus is, and the human is known to be a barfly at Chora’s Den. Head down there, off the Lower Markets in the Wards.

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