What happens if I quit elite dangerous in space?

If you quit in deep space with no one around you’ll be fine, you’ll find yourself floating around next time you start the game.

What happens to your ship when you log off elite dangerous?

So what happens when you log out? If you log out in space, your ship disappears after 10 seconds of invulnerability. When you log back in, you’ll be in very nearly the exact same spot, but the instance will regenerate, so if you’re at an RES the asteroids will appear to have moved.

What is the biggest station in elite dangerous?

Hutton Orbital is perhaps the most notorious space station in all of Elite Dangerous. Located in Alpha Centauri—just down the road from our own solar system—this modest little outpost is almost 7 million light seconds from the system’s hyperspace jump arrival point.

Is it safe to log out in space in elite dangerous?

Ethaidan. You can safely log off pretty much anywhere – SC, normal space, landed in ship, on surface in SRV – pretty much wherever you please.

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Does your ship disappear when you log out?

If you log off while somebody has your ship warp scrammed or disrupted, your ship will go nowhere. Instead it will stay right where it is and whomever is shooting at you can continue to do so. This is to prevent people from logging off to try to save their ship.

Can you land on Earth in Elite Dangerous?

Nope. You can only land on worlds without atmosphere and volcanic activity for the moment. when it comes, can expect it to be a pretty incredible experience imo.

Can you own a station in Elite Dangerous?

Originally posted by Eztrelle: Umm you can own stations in this game. … Its part of the power play mechanic and you have to apply to FDEV to get your base.

Do you keep your ship in Sea of Thieves?

Hi there, The game does not save your ship’s state or the treasure on board. It will save any gold and company progress you make.

What happens if your ship sinks in Sea of Thieves?

When your ship sinks it should get transported to another server. and your ships supplies float up. After that when you die or use the mermaid you get transported to the ship at its new home. After all to the crew that just sank and murdered you, you are dead and gone.

What do you lose when you quit Sea of Thieves?

If you log off, any chest or food that you pick up and put in your ship will be lost. Even the stuff that you have in your inventory. So always sell before you leave.

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