What is mass effect in abdomen?

An abdominal mass is any abnormal growth that occurs within the abdomen. These masses have several causes, ranging from cysts to cancer. A doctor can diagnose what is causing an abdominal mass with an MRI scan, CT scan, or X-ray.

Does mass effect mean tumor?

In medicine, a mass effect is the effect of a growing mass that results in secondary pathological effects by pushing on or displacing surrounding tissue. In oncology, the mass typically refers to a tumor.

What do you mean by mass effect?

Definition. Mass effect is a phenomenon in which a focal lesion or contusion causes surrounding areas of brain tissue or brain structures to be compressed and injured due to the degree of space that leaking blood, cerebrospinal fluid, or edema takes up within the restricted skull space.

What does mass effect mean on CT scan?

The local pressure from a tumor or bleeding (hematoma) on adjacent parts of the brain. Mass effect is diagnosed by an MRI or CT scan which shows where the mass is and what it is pushing on.

What is mass effect in ultrasound?

Lesions or processes that cause compression, distortion, and/or displacement of intracranial contents may be said to have “mass effect.” One important concept to understand is that mass effect is a manifestation on imaging of various intracranial processes (including tumor, hemorrhage, ischemia, and trauma) and not a

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What is mass effect on bladder?

A mass (tumor) that is found on the bladder – the muscular sac in the pelvic region that stores urine – can sometimes be indicative of bladder cancer.

What is a mass effect on the thecal sac?

Inflation of the bone tamps can result in the mechanical displacement of tumor and/or bone fragments into the spinal canal, potentially worsening or causing mass effect upon the thecal sac and resulting in symptomatic spinal cord, cauda equina, or nerve root compression.

How much midline shift is significant?

Indications for Surgery. An important reason for operating on a mass lesion is a midline shift of 5 mm or more. Such a shift may be demonstrated by CT scan or occasionally by angiography. Most epidural, subdural, or intracerebral hematomas associated with a midline shift of 5 mm or more are surgically evacuated.

What does mass effect on spinal cord mean?

Spinal cord compression occurs when a mass places pressure on the cord. A mass can include a tumor or bone fragment. Compression can develop anywhere along the spinal cord from the neck to the lower spine.

What does mass mean in medical terms?

Listen to pronunciation. (mas) In medicine, a lump in the body. It may be caused by the abnormal growth of cells, a cyst, hormonal changes, or an immune reaction.

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