Where do I go after Omega ME2?

After completing the dossier missions on Omega (The Professor and Archangel), pay a visit to Afterlife. Grizz , one of Aria’s bodyguards will speak with you and ask you to get the Patriarch into hiding.

What order should I do the missions in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2 recruitment order:

  1. Dossier the Veteran.
  2. Dossier the Master Thief.
  3. Dossier the Professor – Zaeed and Kasumi have extra dialogue.
  4. Dossier the Warlord – Mordin has unique dialogue here.
  5. Dossier Archangel – Grunt and Zaeed have substantial unique dialogue.

When should I do loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2?

For the core ten Squad Mates, Loyalty Missions cannot be unlocked until you complete the Horizon Mission halfway into the game, and those also require you to have talked with said Squad Mates between Missions a few times to learn more about them.

What happens at the end of Mass Effect 2?

As the game ends the Reaper army wakes up in deep space and sets a course for the Milky Way. Mass Effect 3 picks up shortly after as the Reapers lay siege to civilization. Interestingly, Shepard can even die if every single squad member dies at the end of Mass Effect 2.

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Is there a time limit on loyalty missions ME2?

Following Horizon your squadmates will start giving you their Loyalty Missions. Keep talking to all of them to unlock them. There is no time limit on any of them so it doesn’t matter what order you finish them all in.

Why is Omega 4 Relay red?

When you approach ordinary mass relay, it shows the light of the star to which it leads. Omega 4 relay shows the light of the center of the galaxy, exploding suns and stretched light coming from the edges of black holes. Well, at least collector base’s surroundings was like that. Red I mean.

Should I destroy the collector base me2?

When it comes to the Collector Base, however, destroying it is actually the Paragon route and will net players some Paragon points. Likewise, keeping the base will get you Renegade points.

What happens if you don’t do loyalty missions?

Loyalty Mission Order

If you do not recruit/awaken a squad member, their loyalty mission will be skipped and the next loyalty mission from the sequence will be available for acquisition instead.

Which loyalty missions can you fail?

Thane Loyalty Mission: Sins of the Father

You’ll learn of his target, Talid, and will then have to track Talid from up in the rafters. This is where you can fail; you must repeatedly update Thane on Talid’s whereabouts. If you lose him, loyalty is lost.

Are there any loyalty missions in ME3?

Nope. You can either graphically murder Legion or condone his sacrifice. Tali can be saved though, and you can broker peace between the Quarians and Geth. You have to have the loyalty of both, and save the Admiral and destroy the Geth server in ME3 and then pull a renegade or paragon during their confrontation.

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Is it better to rewrite or destroy the heretics?

Rewriting the heretics will give you more paragon points whereas destroying them will give you more renegade points. Regardless of the choice made, you’ll have to make a desperate escape from the station on a timer.

Can you keep playing Mass Effect 2 after the ending?

In Mass Effect 2 and 3, after the end credits roll, players are booted back to a save point before the final mission(s). Unfortunately, Mass Effect 1 is an outlier; the game doesn’t spin back time automatically, so players will need to manually choose a save file before the ending.

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