You asked: Can your ship go underwater in no man’s sky?

No Man’s Sky mod lets you fly your ship close to the ground, inside caves, and underwater.

What is the rarest ship in no man’s sky?

Super Rare Exotic Ship — Blue/Gold Type 7 w/ Extended Dual Thrusters. But the crown for the rarest and hardest to find Exotic ship, believe it or not goes to this unlikely looking specimen! Rarest Exotic Ship in the game! — Yellow/Gold “GUPPY” w/ Cowled Rear Thruster.

Are there sharks in no man’s sky?

Summary. Prionace is a genus of fauna in No Man’s Sky. Generally referred to as sharks, seasnakes, seawraiths, or similar terms, depending on their physical appearance. Prionace species are found exclusively underwater, and are almost always predatory.

How do you go underwater in NMS?

Fly your ship low across the water or ocean then go to photo mode and take the camera down under the water. The roamer, once grounded on the ocean floor, will drive nicely as an aquatic submersible car.

Is no man’s sky better in first person?

First person in No Man’s Sky is more immersive, but it limits the field of view of the player. Third person views provide more directional awareness and more real-time information to gamers.

Is no mans sky a switch?

No Man’s Sky’s New Game, The Last Campfire, Is Coming to Nintendo Switch This Summer.

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