Your question: Why do I have a drake dragonfly Star Citizen?

When you recruit a new player to the ‘verse and when they meet requirements by obtaining a game package (min value of USD 40$ on the Pledge Store), you’ll BOTH receive a Drake Dragonfly for free, alongside the usual 5,000 United Earth Credits.

How do you spawn a dragonfly in Star Citizen?

How can i spawn in a dragonfly inside my ship?

  1. It does.
  2. You currently can’t spawn it directly inside the ship. You have to first spawn your ship and leave the landing pad. Then you have to return to the ship-terminals (on foot) and spawn your Dragonfly. You can now fly your Dragonfly into the Cutlass.

How much is the Drake dragonfly?

The Drake Dragonfly is an open canopy snub ship. It can be operated both on the ground or in space, and it has a rear-facing second seat for a passenger.


Production state Flight ready Introduced Alpha 3.0.0
Buy 272,700 aUEC
Rent (1 day) 5,454 aUEC / 2,727 REC

Where do the ground vehicles spawn in Star Citizen?

Levski and Lorville have true garage spawns that only show ground craft. Most of the mining outposts have a platinum bay tiny pad with ship spawn terminals, that annoyingly show all your ships, plus the ground craft. You can only actually spawn the ground craft there.

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How much is the Kraken Star Citizen?


Original US$1,650
Warbond US$1,400
Original US$1,400
Availability Quantity-limited sales

How much are Star Citizen ships?


Name Standalone Price ($) Concept sale – Standalone Price ($)
Carrack 600.00 350.00
Carrack Best in Show 2950 Edition 600.00 600.00
Carrack Expedition 625.00 625.00
Caterpillar 295.00 225.00

How do I enter a referral code Star Citizen?

Where to add your referral code when purchasing Star Citizen. Be sure to enter the referral code on the Enlist page at RSI and use the referral code: STAR-2Y3J-L6PG to earn an additional 5,000 free UEC when you purchase a game package for the first time.

Can you play Star Citizen for free?

There may not be an end in sight for the development of Star Citizen but Cloud Imperium Games is letting players try the space simulation game for free.

How do you spawn a ROC?

Rocs spawn in plains and savannahs late in the night. If a Roc finds a Creeper, it will grab it, fly over where a player is, and drop it next to them. Be careful as this can cause a lot of damage unless you can hit the Creeper back before it blows up.

Where is Loreville?

Lorville is a city on the planet Hurston in the Stanton system, it is one of several cities that the Hurston Dynamics conglomerate has built for its employees.

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